Pain relief for menstrual cramps

Premenstrual syndrome or as it is more affectionately known PMS, affects  3 in 4 menstruating woman. Symptoms can range from mood swings, irritability, depression, headaches, acne flares,joint and muscle pain and abdominal cramps. Most woman experience milder symptoms, however, when PMS is so bad that it disrupts a person’s life to the point where you cannot go to work or school or function in society, it is classified as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

For woman suffering with menstrual cramps and negative symptoms it is no joke. Us men don’t always understand, but having had conversations with a few woman over this subject has given me greater insight into the absolute discomfort and pain woman can experience. This article is not intended to be a explanation of the condition or how it feels. You know what it feels like.

What I did find though is that there does not seem to be a lot of help for woman with PMS. There seems to be a live with it mentality. If you’ve done the hot water bottle, warm bath and pain killers, then that is it. I surprised that very few woman knew that Calcium supplementation has been shown to help with the symptoms.

From all the research I could gather, there seems to be a consistent theme. Making changes to your diet can have great results, doing regular exercise reduces stress which plays a big part in symptom severity, which of course brings us to the final point which is to reduce your stress levels. From testimonials this seems to have a really positive outcome for many woman, why it is not suggested to those that suffer is a mystery to me.

Furthermore, there are many woman that treat their symptoms with CBD products. Although there is no science to back up this claim, the testimonials are extensive. There are literally thousands of testimonies of woman that use medicinal cannabis in two or more forms to ease their symptoms. Although there is no research on CBD specifically for PMS, there is research that shows it helps for many of the symptoms individually. This could be why it is an effective remedy.

Woman say they use CBD tinctures, oral sprays and CBD Bath bombs to alleviate their symptoms. Some woman say it reduces their symptoms by 60% others say they get total relief. If you can get some relief for your PMS symptoms, would you be willing to take a chance to see if you can win it. or will you follow what this doctor said.

Adeeti Gupta, M.D said: “Even though at this point, we do not have adequate data and literature giving us support and clear guidelines as medical professionals to prescribe CBD for various conditions, we are hopeful that with time we will have more studies allowing us to utilize these if found to be an effective panacea for a lot of chronic, debilitating women’s health pain syndromes,” she says.

This is the problem with the medical industry. I agree we need the science, but what about the reality. because there are no scientific studies done, every person that says they used a natural product and experienced relief is discounted as what? – lies, placebo, anecdotal, nonsense! So because some people with a white lab coat did not say : ‘hey this works’, the testimony of real world people don’t count? How is that even logical?

This means that while there might be things people have used for generations to improve menstrual pains successfully, no doctor will suggest it because it is not scientifically proven and until it is, woman suffering with this debilitating pain has to just endure and not try these alternative approaches?

I am not saying that everything people try to sell you is going to be the magic pill to all your health problems, however, when you have many testimonies of people that have tried a remedy and found relief, why would it not also work for you?

How does CBD work

When your body realizes that it is not going to be pregnant, the progesterone it produced starts declining and  inflammatory chemicals called prostaglandins starts increasing. The particular Prostaglandin, called PGF2⍺ peaks during menstruation and it is this that causes all the negative symptoms.

CBD preferentially inhibits COX-2 over COX-1, which means its anti-inflammatory benefits come without the gastrointestinal side effects you would get from pain killers, plus both CBD and THC physically stop your DNA from producing so much of this enzyme in the first place (via the PPARγ receptor).

Therefore with the restriction of Protaglandin PGF2⍺, you also get a reduction in PMS symptoms.


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