Journey to health – Its a marathon not a sprint

There are so many supplements, and healing aids and special vegetable drinks, and powders out there that all promise health and well being that it is overwhelming to even try finding the best products for you. The problem I have with these problems is that they promise something that is ultimately not going to help you, if you don’t first help yourself.

Your health is first of all in your own hands. You cannot out-supplement, out-medicate or out-exercises bad nutrition, but you can make nutrition choices that will enhance all of these. If your nutrition is good then supplements can help tremendously with healing. The same is true for exercise – It’s true value is seen when nutrition is optimized for health.

I go insane when people say they are going on a diet. What does that mean? You’re going to eat a certain way for a while, hopefully until you lose weight. Then what? You’re going to go back to eating the way you did? What do you think is going to happen then? The answer is simple, you will revert back to the state you were in before you started the diet.

Please, please do me a favor and stop dieting. Don’t do it anymore, give it up and forget about it. Please consider your life and make a life style change. Lifestyle change means changing the way you do things in your daily life for the rest of your life. This is what is going to give you lasting health. This is true for those that are trying to lose weight as well as for those that are trying to overcome some health issue.

Nutrition is the foundation of our life. You are not what you eat, rather you are what your body does with what you eat. Milk is healthy, it has calcium, good fats but for some it is poison. The same is true for nuts, eggs, wheat, gluten and the list goes on. If you knew your illness or life condition came from eating bread, will you be willing to give it up? The person whose throat swells closed from eating nuts, has an easy choice, eat it and choke, don’t eat it and you won’t choke.

However, if eating nuts does not cause your throat to swell closed but it does cause your chronic fatigue, will you give up nuts to gain your health back. What if you are trying to beat your Diabetes, but the way to start this fight is to lay down all wheat products. Are you willing to sacrifice that for your health? What about sugar? If sugar is the culprit that causes your weight fluctuations are you willing to give it up? Are you ready to make tough decisions to get your health back?

Quick fixes

The road to recovery is not a two day affair. If you are trying to lose weight, you have to remember that you did not gain all that weight is six weeks. So healthy weight loss does not happen in 6 weeks. This is a fallacy and if this is what you are hoping for, forget it. The same is true for our health issues, that includes diabetes, IBS, Chrons, brain fog, migraines, anxiety, depression even cancer (the list goes on). These conditions did not come overnight, they slowly built over a few years.  They will not go away in a week.

Diets that promise you weight loss in a month is a ruse and is unsustainable. In any case, diets are terrible things, you need a lifestyle adjustment. Exercise has many benefits, but its benefits are not apparent is the first week. So exercise programs that promise great results in a month can be discarded. If your exercise goals are to regain health, then you will need to be patient, both exercise and nutrition for health will take time, but they will most certainly reward you with optimized health.

Supplements cannot remedy everything if your life is not in balance. For instance, you don’t have enough vitamin D, this is the cause of you sleep problems, so you go supplement with vitamin D3. This does not work however, so the next article says magnesium will help. You supplement with magnesium but still you are not getting the sleep down. Then you move to the next supplement and the next until your supplement cupboard looks like a dispensary. The solution could be as simple as the cup of coffee you drink at eight o’clock. It might effect you but not your partner who also has a cup of coffee and sleeps right through the night.

There are no silver bullets, but a lifestyle change is the answer that can change your health around and a lifestyle change is not a quick fix, it can take weeks, months even years to completely regain your health depending on your diagnosis.

Help throughout the journey

Now when you have made the choice that you are going to change your lifestyle and not just go on a diet, that you are going to change your lifestyle and not just join the gym and never go there, there are things that are absolutely beneficial and can help you tremendously on your journey to health. As I’ve mentioned before, nutrition is your basis, exercises is your driver, and supplementation is for targeting your specific condition.

This is where CBD oils are very effective in assisting the body to activate the endocannabinoid system that speeds up the recovery process. This is where supplementation can prop up your nutrition efforts, and can target specific areas in your body to aid recovery. You should not go buy Supplements and CBD oils when you read an article like this or other articles that state things like drinking apple cider vinegar will heal everything. All you’ll end up doing is getting very disappointed. Apple cider vinegar has its uses, but it is not for everyone.

Some people should not take certain supplement, CBD Sative should not be taken by everyone, these are just the facts. This is why you need to asses what works for you and what does not. and if you do not have the will power to do it yourself and need guidance, get a health coach to assist you in the process. I believe it is better to have a partner through this transition that understands what you are going through and more importantly that can guide you through the process. Sometimes it can become difficult to acknowledge that certain things you love are causing your problems and giving those up are not always easy.

In conclusion I want to stress the point that the journey to health will take time. You need to be patient about it. This journey can take months and you have to prepare yourself for that and not give up after the first month. You have to make this your new way of life, and not look at it as a temporary fix and then you can go back to your old ways. You have to adapt a new lifestyle that is sustainable, will promote your healing, and keep you healthy until your dying day.


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