Find solutions to stop using pharmaceutical drugs

I wish people realised how much control they have over their own health. When a doctor prescribes medicine, it does not mean we are bound by law to use those medicines. I am not saying don't use these medicines, I am saying we can find a way to heal so we don't need to use these medicines anymore.
Doctors give us medicine knowing full well that there are many side effect to them. They just balance the side effects with your symptoms and make an informed decision that the symptoms you are experiencing outweighs the side effects of the medicines you are given.
All pharmacological medicines have side effects because they interrupt some part of the natural functioning of our bodies. Pharmacological medicines does not heal disease, it only masks the symptoms so that we can feel better and function. In this respect they are effective.
But can I ask a question?
Which type two diabetes patient taking Metformin or some similar medication was healed from type 2 diabetes because they took that medication?
The answer is none. It does not heal the disease it only makes it so people feel better. The same is true for most other medication.
What if there is a way to overcome disease, to heal from it? Would you be interested in healing rather than just covering disease enough in order to function?
Look I know the science guys keep telling us there is no research that proves some holistic and supplemental treatments to disease. I get science is important, but sometimes science is negatively controlled by industry.
The point is this, If I have a health issue, and by chance I find something that heals that issue, but there is no science that proves it, does it mean I have not been healed??
That is such a ridiculous point of view to take. Now if I share this cure with others and they get cured, but there is no science to prove it, does it make their healing unscientific, or a lie.
Is this not how we learn as a human race. Someone discovers something and shows it to someone else and that is shared and shared and shared until everyone knows how to do it. Since when does this knowledge only reside with a few individuals?
We have the power to take control of and manage our health even if such solutions are only anecdotal, in other words it worked for someone else and it might just work for us.
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