Cholesterol and our health

Cholesterol - it might actually be the good guy not the villain

The cholesterol hypothesis is still punted out there as the bad character in the fight against heart diseases. We are told to take statins to lower our cholesterol.

But is cholesterol the fire starter or the fire fighter and are we perhaps, blaming the fire fighter for starting the fire. When we look at the biology of cholesterol, we quickly learn that it is not some alien thing that enters our body, when in fact our bodies produce its own cholesterol. Yes, you heard me right, we produce our own.

Every single cell in your body needs and can produces it. cholesterol is involved in cell membrane synthesis, cell transporters and signalling molecules, helps in nerve conduction.  The myelin sheath which covers the nerve cells is rich in cholesterol. The liver converts cholesterol into bile which helps with the digestion of fat and is a precursor molecule for the synthesis of Vitamin D and the steroid hormones like Corticosteroids.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Good cholesterol bad cholesterol theory.  But I would like to suggest that Cholesterol’s effects on our health are far too intricate to simply label LDL-C as “bad” and leave it at that. Such oversimplifications harm our overall understanding and eventually harms our health.

But let not my word be the final one, here are some medical professionals and what they found on this topic.

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