Being overweight is tough

There is a solution and it is not dieting!

Did You Know?

  1. Yo-Yo dieting has been proven to be bad for your health
  2. Yo-Yo dieting was shown to cause more weight gain
  3. Yo-Yo dieting Strengthens food addictions
  4. Dieting in general causes stress and anxiety

Don't you think it is time to stop dieting? Don\'t you think it is time to start living your life without a diet book on the shelf? Are you aware that the only way to stop dieting is through lifestyle adjustments? Did you know that you are unique and what works for someone else might not work for you?

Look, I Understand:

Being overweight is tough and it makes you feel miserable. People make jokes on your account and whisper snide remarks about you that they think you can't hear. I know you're not getting the social acceptance you desire and the repeated rejection you face when you fail to lose weight. Then of course there is your health. The constant worry about what your weight is doing to your health, your heart. The depression when the weight just does not want to come of, and the feeling of powerlessness, and humiliation of constant failure.

Being overweight is a struggle most of us face on our own, simply because other people don't understand

People don't actually know what your ankles, back and maybe hips feel like after just walking to your gate? They don't know that you are in a constant heap of pain? They think you don't have self control, they thing you don't care about your weight and health, they don't know the constant struggle you have with yourself everyday. They don't know that you are alway on a diet, always trying new remedies, always trying to overcome your weight problem. They don't know that most days you are just so tired of the struggle that you say: "What the hell" and just indulge to only feel betrayed by yourself when you're done. People don't know how many times you've determined to not eat and have failed? Do they know how the cravings drive you insane and causes you to give up just to leave you feeling like a loser, powerless and depressed? Most people that look at overweight people think you are this weight becaseu you are just not trying hard enough.

Being overweight is tough and it makes you feel miserable. People make jokes and whisper snide remarks about you that they think you can't hear. But the worst of it is your war against yourself and of course, your dwindling health.

What is the point of this article?

Simple to let everyone that is overweight know, that we know about all these challenges because I went through them myself. But knowing something about being overweight is of no use to anyone if you do not have a solution. I can help you lose your weight, but more importantly, I can help you take control of your health. and it does not entail diets, it is about lifestyle. Restructuring your life so you can live and be free for the rest of your life. It will mean you are not alone in this tough journey, there is someone that can go through all your ups and downs with you and encourage yo to accept that mistakes does not mean failure. It means nothing if you just dust of and carry on. Mistakes only becomes failure if you allow them to take control.

This article is written to give you hope, to show you there is a way out without starving yourself and without  killing yourself with some exercise program. This article is to entice you to reach out and take control of your health. You've never been able to do this. You were always reliant on some guru, some fad diet, some special concoction, well, this can end now. Let me help you manage your health and then you can fly your own aeroplane.

On the other side I want to let those that are not struggling with their weight know that they should get of their high horses and understand that having a weight problem is just that, it is a problem, and we should assist people that have a problem not berate them. I do not subscribe to the obese and healthy dogma that is circulating out there, but we should know enough about the struggle that those that do want to lose weight and become healthy are going through. Their battle is not a walk in the park, it is the same as a fight against a chronic illness.

Take action Now

if you are struggling with your health and/or your weight, please, I encourage you, book a consultation with me so we can do your health analysis and get you started on your journey to recovery. I would love to shake your hand at the end when you have reached your goal. Go ahead book a consultation or become an official member to save some money. The link is in the menu bar on top of the page.

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