Muscle mass – the predictor of health and longevity

I doubt there is one person on the planet that has not heard from someone that they should exercise because it is good for you. If you have not heard this yet, then you have now. However there has not been a lot of information on the healing benefits of exercise, or the role that […]

Diet to cure disease

The Dietary guidelines organisations are only now starting to look at nutrition as a health intervention. This is largely due to the incredible patient results that went on specific diets to help with their health problems. When patients with Type 2 diabetes, IBS, Gerd, Anxiety, depression, chronic joint pain, chronic headaches, brain fog, chronic fatigue […]

Journey to health – Its a marathon not a sprint

There are so many supplements, and healing aids and special vegetable drinks, and powders out there that all promise health and well being that it is overwhelming to even try finding the best products for you. The problem I have with these problems is that they promise something that is ultimately not going to help […]

Pain relief for menstrual cramps

Premenstrual syndrome or as it is more affectionately known PMS, affects  3 in 4 menstruating woman. Symptoms can range from mood swings, irritability, depression, headaches, acne flares,joint and muscle pain and abdominal cramps. Most woman experience milder symptoms, however, when PMS is so bad that it disrupts a person’s life to the point where you […]