Sitting is wrecking your health

You have heard your doctor say you should do some exercise, that is is good for you. You’ve heard all the fitness and health coaches pushing you to add some exercise routines to your life. For decades the health benefits of exercise has been pushed by everyone that is trying to live healthy and trying […]

Medicinal Cannabis – The proof

I am so tired of the hearing there is no proof for the healing benefits of medicinal cannabis. Statements like this is utterly false, and shows that there was no desire on the part of the one saying it to just take a little time out of their lives to go and search for the […]

CBD helping with skin disease, acne and itching

TheĀ  endocannabinoid system works in many regulatory functions of the body both in health and disease. Recent studies have intriguingly suggested the existence of a functional ECS in the skin contributes to various biological processes In that it seems to control the proper and well-balanced increase in number of cells, development of specialized features, survival,and […]

If you are not well, what are you willing to do to get better?

When your condition is going to lead to your death in a short period of time, then you are more likely to put in all sacrifices to save your life. On the other hand when you have a health condition that is chronic but there is no threat in the immediate future like type 2 […]