The Food Industry

Are our food producers evil?

In 90% of the cases no, however, they are in the industry to make money not to feed the world. They are not about making the best nutrition available to you, rather, they are in the industry to make the best-tasting food for you, to make sure that you will buy their food again and again and again.

How do they make your food taste so good? They add sugar, MSG and colourants and preservatives and taste enhancers to get the taste of their particular food product perfect. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of the chemicals are from the pit of hell and that they will kill you on site. This, of course, is not true. What is true however is that our bodies do not know what to do with laboratory manufactured chemicals, so even though they might not harm us in low quantities and in the short term they do not contribute to healthy nutrition at all.

A great way to understand this is if you buy one biscuit from one manufacturer you gonna get a really good tasting biscuit. But now there is another manufacturer that makes another biscuit and they make their biscuit even nicer than the first producer, which means, of course, you will buy the second biscuit as well. If I carry on with this narrative you will have a cupboard full of manufactured food that are all designed to taste amazing and this is the problem. If you add up all the chemicals placed in all of those boxes of food to make them individually taste good, you will be surprised at the amount of sugars preservatives and colourants you are actually consuming on a daily basis, and this is true even for foods that are touted as health foods.

At Heal2Live we do not believe that all manufactured food is evil or should never be touched (unless you have a pre-existing medical condition that we need to resolve). We do however hold that these foods should not be eaten on a daily, or regular basis, but should only be eaten as a treat every now and then. Manufactured foods are designed to entice you to eat them more and more. This is why they should be looked at as a treat and not as food and definitely should not be part of our daily diet.

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