Sitting is wrecking your health

You have heard your doctor say you should do some exercise, that is is good for you. You've heard all the fitness and health coaches pushing you to add some exercise routines to your life. For decades the health benefits of exercise has been pushed by everyone that is trying to live healthy and trying to promote a healthy life style.

Little did we know how important this little peace of advice would prove to be. The latest research taking a look at the health effects of a sedentary lifestyle has come up with some astounding results.

In a study published on the Jama Network they found very interesting but disturbing fact. Their cohort study involving 8002 adults, showed that the more sedentary time in this group the higher risk of cancer mortality. This means that substituting some of your sitting time with light- or moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity will reduce your cancer mortality risk.

Furthermore, studies are showing that sitting for too long is associated with several health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality. We knew from earlier studies that exercise is beneficial to reduce heart disease, but now the evidence is showing that even diabetes might show positive change from exercise.

Apart from the fact that exercise can help in the treatment of these diseases, it is an even better deterrent to these conditions. Exercise does not need to lead to the body builder physique, neither does it need to lead to the super thin marathon runner physique. These are exercises designed for a specific outcome. In the same way we make use of Isometonic Exercises to get a specific outcome.

We focus on exercise to promote health, to help with healing, and finally to optimize your ability to enjoy all manner of physical activity. Exercise for health is not focused on getting you to a single digit body fat percentage. It is not the goal of health. The goal of exercise for health is to allow you to carry on doing the things you've always done, like climbing a ladder, tying your shoes, digging in the garden and going for a hike in the mountains.

Sitting was not the way we were built.

We were not built to sit for extended periods of time. Sitting behind a computer the whole day robs us of innate energy. It robs us of our health, and it robs us of the amazing effects of sunlight. We were not designed to sit the whole day. Think about it, we sit going to work, then we sit at work, then we sit going home, then we sit for food and TV time, and then we go to bed. This is a life spent sitting. There is a saying, if you don't use it you will lose it and this is now proven in the study mentioned earlier.

We were built to go hunt for our food, to go forage for the tubers, berries and fruit. We were designed to move and to be active. It is now clear that movement promotes more than just wellness, it also shows quite convincingly to fight of disease. It is time that we stop making excuses for our lifestyle, and start implementing the adjustments that will promote longevity and physical health.

What is the solution

We have to stand up every hour, right at our desks, and just shake out your legs and do five half body weight squats. This will stretch the muscles, get the blood flowing and release pressure from the spine. Just adding this little activity to your day will greatly improve your posture, your health and your productivity.

Next you need to start a good exercise program to help improve your overall health. I always say, doing something is better than doing nothing. So you could go for a walk, do push-ups, pull ups if you can, body weight squats, jump rope, and burpees. Just get busy with some exercise, start with 15 minutes a day, for 3 to 4 days a week. Just start, get yourself going, hold yourself accountable for just 15 minutes a day, and then build on that. After a month, add 5 minutes to your program. and continue up to an hour. Don't go over an hour, unless you have a specific goal that warrants it. For a exercise for health regime you only need between 30-60 minutes of exercise per day and only for 3-4 day a week.

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