CBD Product Catalogue

CBD Product Catalogue

CBD oil is an effective treatment option for over 538 medically diagnosed conditions.

Very few people talk about the drug interaction of CBD strains. It is known that CBD can have interactions with certain medicines. Another factor is that the effects of CBD oil can make the medication you are on, too strong for you and this can cause harm.

It is important that you not only get your CBD Oil from a reputable source, but it is also important to get your prescription, dosage, drug interactions, and actions that need to be taken if you are on medication and need to be weaned of from someone that is knowledgeable about these issues.
Remember, medicinal cannabis is what is says in the name. It is a medicine and should be treated as such.
I am a Certified Cannabis consultant, and You can schedule a telemedicine meeting with me to discuss your medicinal cannabis needs. Book your meeting using my calendar: Book your consultation

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