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If you just logged in for the first time, allow me to welcome you to the Official Heal2Live members area. To get the most out of your membership, I will ask you to take control of your health. Declare to yourself, that you are going to do this, you are going to get your health back, no matter what it takes.

Use the protocols we set out for you, and know that you are never alone, you have a support structure, I am here to assist you in your journey to your health.

Start by filling in the Health assessment form and booking your first consultation. (after submitting the form you will automatically be taken to my calendar to book your first consultation.) 


Our exercises will follow a four tier approach to fitness and strength for health. Remember we are exercising for health here, we are not exercising to become Olympic gold medalists. As you progress with your health you will move through the following exercise regimes. I will work out a program for you based on your needs, but all the programs will follow the below steps from novice to ad