Why Dieting Does Not Work

What is a diet? In nutrition science, we refer to diet as the sum of the nutrition value from food a person consumes. In general terms when people speak of a ‘diet’ they are referring to a time frame in which they will change what they eat for health or weight-management reasons. Diets are seen […]

Journey to health – Its a marathon not a sprint

There are so many supplements, and healing aids and special vegetable drinks, and powders out there that all promise health and well being that it is overwhelming to even try finding the best products for you. The problem I have with these problems is that they promise something that is ultimately not going to help […]

Being overweight is tough

There is a solution and it is not dieting! Did You Know? Yo-Yo dieting has been proven to be bad for your health Yo-Yo dieting was shown to cause more weight gain Yo-Yo dieting Strengthens food addictions Dieting in general causes stress and anxiety Don’t you think it is time to stop dieting? Don\’t you […]

Why sugar is so bad for our health

That sweet nectar that makes so many dull things taste so good, how can that possibly be bad for you? How dare we even consider asking the question why sugar is bad for you? After all, did the advertisers not teach us that sugar gives us energy? Would they really give us food that is […]