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If life has taught me one thing, it is that we have the ability to overcome obstacles. All we need is the right information, motivation and guidance and we are set to take control back of our lives.

As a young man, I learned about nutrition and cooking when I became a chef during my military service. However, this knowledge took a back seat for the abundant life of youth. Living life became more important than the means to sustain it, and of course it had its cost.

For 10 years I suffered with globus, functional dyspepsia, gerd, splenic flexure syndrome, brain fog, tinnitus, anxiety, panic attacks, weight gain, lack of energy and body pain. I spent tens of thousands of Rands on pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors. I tried many miracle products that promised relief, but was only met with disappointment

Asking my doctors about alternative treatments, I found an intense information blackout enforced on the medical community through no fault of their own. They were not allowed to operate outside of the guidelines laid out by the health organisations, and these guidelines are wholly inadequate to deal with the health issues of our modern society.

This sent me back to my roots, I changed my diet back to what I learned was a healthy lifestyle. I felt a bit better, but I still did not have relief. I turned to the ketogenic diet, and followed this for around 8 years. This helped dramatically with anxiety and brain fog, but the pain of the functional dyspepsia, tinnitus and constant ball in my throat (globus) would not go.

Then in 2012 I turned to a animal based diet plan. My symptoms diminished dramatically, however, I still suffered from time to time but the intensity of the symptoms were at least more bearable.

The final piece of the puzzle fell in place when I learned that specific exercises will also stimulate homeostasis in the body. I tried different modalities of exercise and through trial and error, developed the Isometonics program that incorporated both the Isometric and Isotonic exercise protocols. I switched the program to resistance bands because of its effectiveness in working out all muscle groups in all the different planes of motion. This made the program more effective and allowed me to do more exercises with greater effectiveness than I could do with free weights. This last piece of the puzzle helped me overcome 90% of my health problems.

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At 49 I feel better, stronger, and more alert than I did in my thirties. Striving for optimal health is my passion. I would love to help you find your setpoint for optimal health. 



Look, I am not a doctor, nor a qualified dietician, however, I believe in the evidence provided by experience. If thousands of clients saw results by doing a certain thing, it is very possible that these results can be duplicated. As I said before, everyone is unique, and that is why we work together to tweak your program to get you the best results.

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This is my personal results, and I am proud of my progress. 


What About Credentials,

What gives me the right to offer this service. Let me be clear, I am not a doctor and I am not a dietitian. What I know about nutrition I learned as a chef cooking food to keep 3000 troops healthy and functioning and optimal levels. What I know about counselling I learned through dong my PhD in Theology, and what I know about exercise is what I learned through N=1 experimentation.

What I know about the carnivore diet is what I learned since turning carnivore in 2016

Desperate, in pain, unhealthy and unhappy - 38 years old

At peace, pain free, healthy and happy - I am 49 years old

Most of all, I ride on the backs of giants, and I am not ashamed to say it. The reason is simple, their products work, I've seen it first hand, There are thousands of testimonies, and there is science to back up their claims. I choose not to reinvent the wheel, but to climb on board and bring solutions to my own clients.

I know every person is unique. We are unique in lifestyle, income, genetics, and abilities. It is in this uniqueness that we find our ability to heal. We are different but we are also similar, and everyone needs to be treated on this basis. Some things work for everybody, other things only work for some people, but the wonderful thing about a holistic outlook is that there are many options that can be applied if something does not work.

Reality Check:

Obviously we cannot cure all diseases but we can help make life a bit bitter and we can at least try our best to get the best results possible. As per law, our disclaimer has to read that we cannot guarantee any results. I will only say that results may vary from person to person, but we can keep trying to find the positive results for every one. We all have the right to be as healthy as we can possibly be and that by any means possible.

I am not a medical doctor, and I do not claim to be one. I do not prescribe medicines; I only offer you an alternative method for you to fight for your health. I do not diagnose diseases; I work with clients with conditions diagnosed by a doctor or specialist.

I do not intend to replace your doctor; I will work with you and your doctor to help you overcome your health problems. My health assessment is a holistic view of your lifestyle and enables me to find where your pitfalls are and how we can remedy them to optimize your health and your recovery.

Everything at Heal2Live.com has been tried and tested over many years. Some evidence is only available anecdotally, others have solid research behind it. Everything however has shown results for our clients and it is for this reason that we offer these solutions to you.