Become a Carnivore, Get Healthy

Need help getting set up and started on the Carnivore Life Style?

All consultations are now via Zoom or Teams R300 per consultation (Carnivore since 2016)

My Service - Let's Work Together

As your Carnivore Coach,  it will be my focus to understand your specific conditions and lifestyle factors that contributed to your current health situation. We will then work out a carnivore life plan for you to give your body all the assistance it needs to heal, lose weigh and get back to a healthy state. 

We will start this procedure by  establishing areas that we need to focus on first. We will agree on strategies, implementations, and actions that you will take to ultimately reach your goal. 

REMEMBER THIS - Health and healing is a journey...You must enjoy the ride


Our Focus Is:

Eat Meat To Regain You Health And Vitality

It sounds simple because it is simple. We have have always been hunters, meat eaters, and  this is what we have to return to in order to regain the vitality and mental clarity of a hunter. 

We focus on eating meat. I will help you if you don't know how to get started, I will give you a plan to work from, and a a strategy to get to your goal. The rest is easy, so very, very easy, that some people want to complicate it. 



Exercise For Health

Exercise in the modern lifestyle is no longer a should do, rather, it is an absolute necessity for health and longevity.

We have combined the isometric and isotonic exercise sciences and produced and incredibly effective exercise program that focuses and promotes health, strength and range of motion. The program promotes strength and muscle mass into our old age. The program is good, and safe for all ages and fitness level.  The Isometonics program will build back your strength, muscle mass, and range of motion.

Comes Free with Your Consultation

Nutrition - The Foundation of Health

Proper nutrition should form the basis upon which we build our health goals. 

Drinking medicine to diminish symptoms but not working on the cause of the symptoms is like touching a hot stove, putting some lotion on it just so you can touch the hot stove again. You cannot try fix your health while poisoning yourself. You cannot lose weight by eating the same you you always do.

If we can use nutrition to either eradicate the cause of our problems or diminish its power then we have won half the battle. We will give our bodies the ability to fight and to heal. 

Our approach to this base health condition is rooted in a single approach. So at Heal2LIve we use the most basic nutrient dense nutrition profile, that keeps you full, nourishes your body, gives you strength, clears your mind, repairs your body and causes weight loss.

It is made simple so your life does not become complicated with hours of prep, special products, or fancy ingredient that comes from the Himalayan peaks. Everyone can follow the plan and get incredible results.

The big secret: EAT MEAT GET HEALTHY


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Hi I was actually going to message you today. I switched over to full dose on Monday night. I've tried someone else's product and was a bit disappointed. But yours is really helping, I am sleeping better. I'll be a repeat customer 😁


Hi Marius, II just want to let you know, since changing over to your suggested nutrition plan, I have had so much energy the people at the office wants to know what I am doing. This is great, thanks


Marius, the pain in my heals is much better, I am hoping it will go away completely as we go along. The narcolepsy seems to have left. I am not falling asleep from it anymore. Lastly, thank you for giving me my strength back, the arthritis in my hand is so much better I can grip again.


I haven't had a fibro Flare yet. The eating plan is going well. I haven't had a runny tummy in a long time. I've definitely lost cm because I can put on pants I've worn before the lock down 2020


Sy slaap baie goed en staan op sonder pyn. Ek dink die goeie slaap dra ook by tot die healing process. Kan ek asb 'n 3 maande voorraad bestel?


My blood pressure has stabilized, and I have more energy. It feels like I can think better as well, and an extra bonus is I am losing weight.

Become a Carnivore, Get Healthy

Need help getting set up and started on the Carnivore Life Style?

All consultations are now via Zoom or Teams R300 per consultation  (Carnivore  since 2016)

We strive to help our clients reach their optimal health.

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